High throughput wet processing with an advanced overhead beam filter press 

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Liquid-solid separation is a key function of Tyrone International aggregate washing plant and our filter presses support high-throughput applications where a large volume of slurry is processed.

Tyrone International filter press

Our overhead beam filter presses, designed to dewater material produced by the washing plant, are recognised as the leading press in the industry for the quality of filter cake produced and the speed and reliability of operation.

How the process works 

A filter press is designed to batch process water treatment and cake-forming filtration under pressure. Slurry material is passed into the filter press and pressed between filter plates for pressurised dewatering. Here, solids build up on the filter cloth between the plates with the resulting dewatered filter cake accumulating between the plates of the filter press while allowing filtrate water to pass through.

Ideally suited to processing difficult material, such as with a high clay content, our filter presses are overhead beam designs suitable for dewatering large volumes of material, but the overhead beam sits on the outside of the press, which results in unrivalled access.

A robot located on top, between the overhead beams, carries out the critical functions with speed and reliability and minimum moving or wear parts: opening and shaking the filter plates and is also fitted with an automatic wash system, which goes down between each plate and washes it.

Operators also have easy access to the entire press, enabling rapid maintenance actions such as changing filter cloths.

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