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Tyrone International has a vision to revolutionise wash plant, a vision driven the leadership of our expert team.

With decades of collective experience in engineering and aggregates, the Tyrone International team understands the industry from design to operations. Together we have the expertise to develop wash plant solutions that drive a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) while meeting the specificities of your site.

Tyrone International is now on its way to becoming a leading supplier of wash plants to the aggregates sector, and the company’s goal is to continuously improve its offerings, bring real leadership to the sectror and, in the process, raise expectations in the industry.

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This would not be possible without our people, who have driven the business forward, and driven real improvements for our customers.

Find out more about the people behind our game changing approach to wash plant in our series of profiles of our director Fintan McKeever, managing director Barry O’Neill, principal engineer Padraig O’Neill and operations manager Gautam Mistry.

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Have we really reached peak recycling?

Have we really reached peak recycling?

There is no significant disagreement on the need to take a cleaner, greener and more sustainable approach to construction and civil engineering. Aggregates have played a key role in this, with recycled crushed rock, sand and gravel, made from construction and demolition (C&D) waste forming the core of the industry’s integration of recycled materials.

Let's Discuss How Our Turn-Key Installations Can Increase Your TPH & Optimise operational efficiency

Our game-changing solutions have been thoroughly engineered to enhance productivity, minimise downtime, automate processes and lower operating costs while maximising profitability.