With over 50 years of washing sector experience across the widest range of material types, product requirements and geographical differentials Tyrone International Ltd can provide the complete range of products and services to suit your needs. We have worked with some of the largest sand & aggregate producers and material suppliers to always ensure the highest quality final products. We strive to make the process as simple for the customer whilst at the same time maximising productivity, plant life and providing end to end solutions.

Although materials and output requirements vary with each application, all aggregate market clients need the same high quality and low cost per ton productivity with minimum waste. Tyrone International Ltd are there with you each step of the way to provide professional solutions, from a full turnkey washing plant or an individual machine to improve your existing aggregate producing activities.


Tyrone International Ltd products give the performance, the reliability and longevity that customers need. We understand the benefits and value of recycling C&D waste which is why we offer a full turnkey service to provide all your equipment needs from initial feed right through to water treatment plant and filter press. We will help you to maximise the recovery of high quality and high value recycled sands and aggregates whilst helping to minimise production costs and waste generation. Our T-Scalp, T-Scrub, T-Sand and Fraccaroli and Balzan water treatment ranges showcase our abilities to give you the solutions you require to fully realise the value that is in your C&D waste.


Industrial sand is one of the most diverse and specialised sectors within the rapidly evolving world of materials processing. For example, high-quality silica sand has become increasingly sought after for use in a wide range of applications, some examples being in the sporting world and horticultural industry. Whilst the range of applications is diverse, our specialist sand washing and classifying plants will ensure the final product specifications you require are met with a consistent and highly accurate size separation, with reduced clay fractions, reduced metallic and organic contamination and high productivity rates.

Tyrone international Ltd is committed to understanding market needs and offering the equipment and solutions today which will solve tomorrows’ problems. Our equipment is designed to accommodate industrial sand applications in various sectors filter sand, glass sand and foundry sands to name a few.


Tyrone International Ltd are proud to be the sole distributor of the Fraccaroli & Balzan water treatment solutions in the UK. We have recently installed the largest over-beam filter press in the UK aggregates recycling industry, along with a large clarified water tank and a 500 cubic meters sludge tank for Crown Aggregates Ltd.

We are committed to delivering innovative water management systems and the Fraccaroli & Balzan systems are renowned for their quality, the maximum dewatering of your filter cake, longevity and quality of the constituent parts, speed of cycle time and the excellent maintenance access throughout the plant.

We can offer a complete bespoke water management and treatment solution with thickener tanks, flocculant dosing systems and a full range of over-beam filter presses – all designed with your specific requirements in mind while keeping operational costs at a minimum.

Let’s Build Something Together

Wash Plant solutions include:

  • Wet Classification

  • Water & Sludge Treatment

  • Screening

  • Scrubbing


RMS Ltd. London

The London based RMS Group was established in 2007 and has grown rapidly gaining a reputation for customer service and quality recycled products for the demolition, construction, and groundworks industries. Their focus is on offering complete material supply management, from collection to recycling; sustainable business solutions adopting sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices minimising any environmental impact.

Crown Aggregates Ltd., Hartshill Quarry, Warwickshire

Tyrone International Ltd have installed the largest Fraccaroli & Balzan over-beam filter press in the UK, along with a large, clarified water tank and a 500 cubic metres sludge tank for Crown Aggregates Ltd (CAL) at Hartshill Quarry, near Nuneaton, Warwickshire.


“It’s fantastic, our new filter press is now commissioned and it’s the largest
press of its kind in the UK! A big thank you to Fintan McKeever and his team for
supplying and ensuring detailed completion of this engineering masterpiece.”

Kash Chaudry – Director of CAL


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