Wet and dry processing solutions for all aspects of aggregate production, with applications including concrete, C&D recycling, industrial sand & more.

Sand & Aggregates

Full turnkey and modular wash plant delivering from 40tph up to a 250tph…

C&D Recycling

Maximising recovery and removing contaminants including wood, plastics & organics…

Water Treatment

Management & treatment with rapid cycle time while maximising  filter cake dewatering …

Innovating with you

Delivering measurable value

Maximised production by increasing your Tonne Per Hour (TPH) output whilst reducing cost of ownership.


Optimised operational efficiency, ease of maintenance and after sales support.


Single sand plants to complete turnkey installations, engineered by our experts.


Achieve ever-tightening sustainability targets with reduced; water use, transport, energy & emissions.

A selection of our latest solutions

The disruptors are coming

MJ Teale: sand and gravel

Blackpool, UK

We delivered a complete solution for MJ Teale that not only future proofs the firm’s operations, but intelligently expanded its product range to include two high quality sands and three wash pipe beddings from material with a high clay content…

The disruptors are coming

Kealshore: Construction Products

Merseyside, UK

Thanks to its new plant, Kealshore Ltd. gained a 50% boost in tonnes per hour (TPH), seeing throughput raised to 150TPH. This significant increase in overall processing capacity resulted in better profitability and the ability to better support customer needs…

The disruptors are coming

RMS Ltd: C&D, Sand and Gravel

London, UK

Processing a diverse range of recycled material containing anything from from ‘muckaway’ to utility waste and trommel fines, our wash plant delivers fast throughput for RMS: specified to process 120tph,the plant is currently achieving an average of 140tph…


The disruptors are coming

Crown: Clay & Construction Aggregates

Warwickshire, UK

To process material with a high silt (26-27%) and clay (30%) content, we installed a wash plant with the largest Fraccaroli & Balzan overhead beam filter press in the UK, along with a large, clarified water tank and a 500 cubic metres sludge tank. The result was a maajor TPH boost..

Client TESTIMONIAL: R.M.S London

“Tyrone took us to a previous installation which we were overly impressed with and on the basis of the build quality and their knowledge we subsequently gave them the contract to supply and install a turnkey solution. The whole investment is down to the realisation of the opportunities and a way of dealing with a problem by reducing landfill. Additionally, the installation of the water treatment plant and the press is phenomenal. The whole operation would notwork efficiently without it; it works effortlessly ensuring the whole system is in harmony. Absolutely first-class service from Tyrone International, a truly knowledgeable team and the back-up is superb.”

Owner of R.M.S. Ltd. London

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