Case study: Kealshore powers the future with Tyrone International wash plant

Case Studies

When Kealshore wanted to go to the next level with its wash plant it knew where to turn.

Kealshore Ltd., a leading quality construction aggregates supplier in Merseyside had a problem, and they came to Tyrone International to solve it.

Founded by Ian Pickavance and his father, Kealshore is a major supplier of aggregates to the construction sector, specialising in recycling products coming on and off site. As such, high throughout and total reliability are the top of its list when it comes to equipment.

Faced with the problem of ageing plant that the company was not only outgrowing, but was proving increasingly unreliable, it turned to Tyrone International to revitalise operations with a new wash plant. Tyrone International’s response was to demonstrate how it could increase efficiency: faster, more reliable and more flexible.

Kealshore is a leading supplier of aggregates to the construction sector

Tyrone International first performed a complete site survey in order to understand Kealshore’s processes and the problems it was dealing with. From here, Tyrone International put forward options for helping Kealshore to move forward. As processing recycled aggregate is the heart of Kealshore’s work, the solution had to not only increase throughput as a form of future proofing, but also handle extremely variable material with the end result being consistently clean product.

“This new wash plant that we’re supplying to Kealshore is what we’d regard as the next generation wash plant,”

said Fintan McKeever, director of Tyrone International.


The result was clear: Kealshore’s previous wash plant had a throughput of 100 tons per hour (TPH). Installing a wash plant from Tyrone International saw a 50% boost, with throughput raised to 150TPH – a significant increase in overall processing capacity, meaning both a boost to profits and the ability to better support customer needs.

Tyrone international’s wash plant increased TPH, improved reliability and expanded Kealshore’s range

More than just increasing output, though, the new plant also broadens Kealshore’s range, said Pickavance.

“It does an extra 40 mil, so we now do a 10 mm  pipe bedding, a 20 mm  pipe bedding and a 40 mm  pipe bedding, which is a real feather in Kealshore’s cap,”

Ian said.

Robust and reliable

Reliability was also improved through Tyrone International’s use of high quality components and materials based on years of on-site experience. Indeed, Tyrone International’s designs keep continuity at the top of the list of demands, with easy maintenance access a key factor.

Hour-long shutdowns required in order to unblock the plant are now a thing of the past, as Tyrone International’s wash plant is designed from the get go for rapid access: panels can be simply unlocked and opened, providing instant access.

Working together to deliver to Kealshore’s precise needs, Tyrone International is more a partner than just a supplier. For Pickavance these improvements all add up to one thing: better business.

“The new plant is so much more efficient,”

Ian said.

Redefine wash plant with us

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