Claustrophobic construction sites: where and when to use a modular wash plant

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The UK has some of the toughest planning regulations in the world, including with the green belt being near sacrosanct. Naturally, this results in a significant emphasis on urban and brownfield development. In addition, social changes including a return to city living have tightened-up sites.

Materials producers can face similar problems, too. Short-term sites may not be able to justify the extensive infrastructure required for a full-scale plant, while sites with smaller land areas or tight access present obvious problems.

Modular wash plant fits your needs

All of this adds up to a question for anyone with a need for a wash plant. The answer is to go modular. The aggregates washing industry has gone through many changes in the last 40 years, from large complete installations to modular solutions allowing businesses to scale and grow.

The right tool for the job

All construction work requires clean and high-quality aggregates, along with demands for the use of effective water recycling processes, but a modular wash plant brings a further advantage: cost-efficiency.

The flexible infrastructure helps ensure that agility is put at the centre of any site without compromising on quality or standards. By rewriting the rules for aggregates, washing and water treatment plants, everyone in the construction process, from the client to the contractor, can enjoy unheard of efficiencies.

Having appropriate plant vastly reduces downtime, and therefore total cost of ownership, by keeping it in regular use, while using a modular plant means that the right tool can be brought to the right job, allowing wet classification, water and sludge treatment, screening and scrubbing and attrition, regardless of site size, topography or other characteristics. 

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