Designed for duty: durable Screens Engineered by Tyrone International

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Precision-engineered components designed to withstand the realities of work on site are the hallmark of Tyrone International’s wash plant. Designing and manufacturing in response to clients’ needs and based on their real life experience, Tyrone International has continually innovated and iterated its wash plant for durability.

Durable screens

Part of this is because of Tyrone International’s choice of materials when designing components. Recognising that any wash plant has a hard life, Tyrone International chose durable and flexible materials for key plant components, ensuring maximum up-time and, therefore, a major reduction in costly stoppages and maintenance.

Ian Pickavance, director and co-founder of Kealshore Ltd., a leading recycler in the Northwest, singled out a particular component for praise, saying the focus on durability was a real leap forward on the plant previously used by the company: the screens on the wash plant the company recently purchased from Tyrone International were proving a real asset, said Pickavance.

“The decks are all plastic [whereas] the old ones were steel. We were spending a lot of money on steel screens; this is one of the reasons why we looked at a new plant when we did the costings on the old plant. The new plant is now so much more efficient,”

said Pickavance.

Engineered for success

Design and competent-level decisions such as manufacturing screen decks from polymer make real and noticeable improvements in the expected lifetime of machinery.

Matthew Johnson, Kealshore’s recycling yard manager explained that the new wash plant is both more reliable and easier to maintain.

“Maintenance-wise, it’s so much easier on this plant,”

said Johnson.

This kind of focus on the reality of the job is deep in Tyrone International’s DNA because its engineering drives success for everyone: Tyrone International has intimate knowledge of not only its own plant, but also the needs of customers and the demands made of heavy duty equipment.

“They’ve always been really good with us. Even though we didn’t have a wash plant with them [before] they’ve always helped us,”

said Pickavance.

With wash plant designed from the ground up for reliability, you can keep running and running.

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