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Wash plant needs to have two key attributes: the ability to sort large amounts of materials as rapidly as possible, and to be able to work without fear of breakdown. In other words, a serious wash plant should deliver a high tons per hour (TPH) rate and be durable enough to withstand both continuous operation and the harsh conditions typical in construction.

Precision engineered but durable, Tyrone International has invested in our design and manufacturing processes to ensure our plant does just this.

Take our T-Sand range: T-Sand works lightning fast, with plant available that can remove silt and clay impurities, as well as size and de-water sand before drying, sizing and blending it into final products, processing from 40 TPH up to 250 TPH, depending on your throughput needs. With ease of use, accessibility, energy and cost efficiency, quality of build components and productivity rates second to none, there is a T-Sand for almost any application for unrivalled de-watering performance.

Wash plant
High TPH wash plant

It’s not just sand, though. This is true across our entire wash plant range, and our plant is noted for its ability to accept a varied plant feed. Our recycled aggregate wash plant is used nationwide to process combination feeds of recycled materials containing anything from ‘muckaway’, to utility waste, trommel fines and sand. It works seamlessly and without slowdown even when the ratio of the sand/silt fraction varies in every bucket load going into the plant. One client recently found that while their wash plant was specified to process 120 TPH, in fact it achieved an average of 140 TPH.

tph you can COUNT on

Anyone in the industry will know that reaching nominal TPH is not the norm, let alone exceeding it, due to the harsh life typically experienced by wash plant. Breakdowns and regular maintenance are not only a fact of life, but also a real problem on site, often grinding work to a halt. At Tyrone International we have kept this in mind, aiming not only for a high TPH ‘headline figure’ that might impress in a brochure, but also ensuring reliability and aiming for a reduced maintenance schedule.

High-quality components and precision manufacturing make handling heavy and mixed loads a breeze. Our turnkey processing systems are not only made to get you up and running rapidly, but to keep running even in adverse conditions and in the face of complex loads. Designed and built for industry and by engineers with decades of real world experience, Tyrone International’s wash plant is a real solution for real sites.

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