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Founded in 1971, MJ Teale is a leading supplier of quality recycled aggregates throughout Blackpool, Wyre and the Fylde Coast. From its Poulton-le-Fylde urban quarry recycling facility, MJ Teale produces guaranteed high quality materials for customers large and small.

The challenge

MJ Teale found it was faced with a need to recycle more and cut the amount of material it was sending to landfill. Indeed, MJ Teale’s long term business model calls for a serious commitment to sustainability, so it needed a plant that could produce a range of materials including sand and pipe bedding from construction and demolition (C&D) waste. A daunting task, but one that was made achievable by partnering with Tyrone International.

“Washing is new to us and we needed confidence in a supplier who could really take us through that journey,”

said MJ Teale director, Josh Teale.
MJ Teale directors, Jake and Josh Teale

The solution

Tyrone International provided a complete turnkey aggregate processing solution for MJ Teale, providing everything from the feeder to the wash plant, the sand plant, the conveyors, a complete water treatment system and a large filter press.

Before installation, however, Tyrone International carried out multiple site surveys in order to determine what would be the best layout for the wash plant and water treatment plant, taking into consideration the existing operations on MJ Teale’s premises. Vehicle movements, storage of feed material and storage of the washed products were all considered and mapped, but Tyrone International went one step further by considering access for plant operation and maintenance.

The greatest challenge was the composition of the feed material, which has a high clay content.

“In this area there can be up to 30% clay,”

said Tyrone International director Fintan McKeever.
Tyrone International director, Fintan McKeever

The Tyrone International team responded by taking multiple samples in order to ascertain the correct size of filter press required to deal with the material.

The result

Working in collaboration with MJ Teale, Tyrone International has delivered a complete solution that not only future proofs the firm’s operations but intelligently expands is product range to include two high quality sands and three wash pipe beddings.

“This plant is very forward-thinking. It’s an accessibility thing, really. Everything is easily set out on this one, whereas on other ones, from what we’ve seen, it just looks more difficult to maintain,”

said Jake Teale, also a director at MJ Teale.
Tyrone International plant in situ at MJ Teale

When it came to making a decision, MJ Teale not only found that Tyrone International was able to meet their needs but worked in a consultative way.

“It was a combination of speaking to Fintan and the guys in the office, liaising back and forth, and between us all we worked out the best solution for use,”

said Josh.

The relationship does not end there with consultation, however. Tyrone International provides aftercare support, with a team of trained and experienced engineers available to speak to and who can also visit the site.

“There has been training on-site showing the operators what to do, but we also know we can pick up the phone, or they can dial-in on the telematics, and we know between the two of us we can get it sorted,”

said Josh.

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