An eye for detail: how operations manager Gautam Mistry takes a broad and deep view of plant Equipment


With a wealth of experience and a varied skill set, Tyrone International’s operations manager Gautam Mistry says the company brings something unique to aggregate, washing and water treatment plants.

Before joining Tyrone International as Operations Manager, Gautam Mistry developed a wealth of skills in industry. Skills that today he brings to work on our range of game-changing recycling and washing and water treatment systems. 

Notable among his skills is a deep understanding of how equipment works, something Gautam developed while working as a designer of complex systems.

“My background is as a draughtsman, way back in 1987, and then I moved into the quarrying industry to work on concrete plants and asphalt plants,”

said Gautam.

Working for a number of leading companies in the industry, Gautam then joined Tyrone International in 2020.

From the drawing board to working across the board

The move to Tyrone International came naturally, as Gautam had worked with Fintan McKeever at another major player in the recycled aggregates sector. 

“I was working with Fintan for 14 or 15 years. He left to found Tyrone International and I continued working, but then I came over and joined in 2020,”

said Gautam.

Rising to the challenge, Gautam’s move to Tyrone International saw him take on a wider set of responsibilities.

“A typical day sees me doing proposals, drawings, plant costings, ordering, organising installation and more. I knew what Fintan was doing and the opportunity came. It was the right time to move,”

said Guatam.

Rising to the challenge

Such a wide range of responsibilities is obviously a challenge. Gautam says that this is an aspect of the job that he enjoys and to which he brings his long experience and deep technical knowledge in order to create valuable and practical insights.

“I look at a lot of technical things. When an inquiry comes through I will look at it, review it, prepare the proposal and the relevant layout based on the customer’s requirements,

said Gautam.

This is an example of work that can only be done by someone with practical knowledge and experience.

“You can’t just put someone in the position and tell them to run with it. I’ve gained a lot of experience through working in the industry and I have a lot of contacts and good relationships,”

said Gautam.

A vast industry, and a crucial one in light of national and international sustainability targets, aggregate recycling, washing and treatment is perhaps not well known to the public at large. For Guatam, however, this is an opportunity to put his experience to work, whether in supporting customers or ensuring that installations meet every need a customer might have.

“The sector is hidden in plain sight. Even now, I get involved in preparing the outline which then goes off to specialist civils designers,”

said Gautam.

Beyond individual jobs and installations, Gautam has a role in contributing to the design of Tyrone International plant equipment: together with Fintan, he liaises with the design team.

“Working with Fintan, we looked at the pitfalls we had seen in the past and asked how we can improve the plants, especially in terms of accessibility and reliability. My job is very varied, it requires a wide range of skills,” 

said Gautam.

For Gautam, one of the best parts of the job is that he enjoys working with such a dynamic team who have enormous experience in the industry – and big plans for the future. With Tyrone International now experiencing rapid growth, Gautam says that he is looking forward to the new challenges ahead as well as seeing the final results of the projects he has been involved in.

“It really is an exciting time, both in the industry and in Tyrone International,”

Gautam said.


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