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The ‘industrial internet of things’ (IIoT) is leading a revolution in productivity in both the primary and secondary industries, as well as in logistics and retail. Tyrone International brings this revolution to its wash plant as part of its commitment to lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) through superior engineering. 

Our sensors and remote monitoring platform are a key innovation in diagnosing operational issues.

Information is not only available on site, but also transmitted to our experts who can help identify the root cause of any issues with your equipment and advise you on the appropriate action to take. This helps limit downtime and disruptions of your equipment.

Remote monitoring adds digital intelligence to your wash plant

In addition, the sensors and software also provide continuous reporting monitoring on operational efficiency.

Matthew Johnson, recycling yard manager at Kealshore Ltd., one of Tyrone International’s customers, said this was a real benefit of the wash plant.

“It’s very easy to monitor and we get a full analysis every day of what the machine is capable of,”

said Matthew.
Tyrone International’s remote monitoring capabilities have a real world impact on your operations

Tyrone International director Fintan McKeever explained that introducing intelligent monitoring and digital connectivity to plant equipment has a real and immediate cost benefit for customers as issues with equipment can be diagnosed rapidly. 

“One of the advantages of all the equipment we supply is that we have full remote access to the control of the plant. In real terms, this means that we can see what their operator can see on site and, as a result, we can see 95% of the problems remotely – and resolve them remotely,”

said Fintan.

Without this monitoring and connectivity, an engineer would have to be called to site to perform a diagnosis, adding at least a day to stoppages. 

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