How an advanced Tyrone International wash plant allows RMS to process a high TPH of varied materials

Case Studies

RMS London transformed its materials processing operations thanks to the installation of a Tyrone International recycled aggregate washing plant with a full water treatment system and filter press.

RMS London is a major aggregate processor and recycler of construction waste, operating five recycling centres in East and South London and currently has a fleet of 100 trucks. Its services include the supply of crushed aggregates, washed aggregates, tipper hire, grab lorries, ‘roll-on-off’ lorries, skip hire and dust carts.

RMS had a small washing plant on the site but was seeking to significantly increase its production and produce a greater range of products and have zero aggregates going to landfill.

After viewing a number of plants, it was suggested that Tyrone International was the company to talk to. After consultation and numerous site visits, Tyrone International was duly awarded the plant contract.

“Tyrone took us to a previous installation which we were overly impressed with and on the basis of the build quality and their knowledge we subsequently gave them the contract to supply and install a turnkey solution”,  

said RMS’s owner.

“The whole investment is down to the realisation of the opportunities and a way of dealing with a problem by reducing landfill. 

“Additionally, the installation of the water treatment plant and the press is phenomenal. The whole operation would not work efficiently without it; it works effortlessly ensuring the whole system is in harmony. Absolutely first-class service from Tyrone International, a truly knowledgeable team and the back-up is superb.

“We were very impressed right from the start and all the way through the build and now the plant is running we are even more impressed,”

he added. 

A varied plant feed

The new recycled aggregate washing plant is processing a combination feed of recycled materials containing anything from ‘muckaway’, to utility waste, trommel fines and the quantity of sand and the ratio of the sand/silt fraction completely varies in every bucket load going into the plant. However, the plant has been designed to accept a remarkably diverse feed whilst still retaining throughput. 

Specified to process 120tph the plant is currently achieving an average of 140tph.

Commissioned in December 2020, the recycled aggregate washing plant with a full water treatment system and filter press was designed by Tyrone International to fulfil the processing criteria for the material feed. The material is based on an all-in aggregate feed, using a Tyrone International twin-screen scalper which scalps off the +50mm with the -50mm being fed up the primary feed conveyor.

Positive displacement pump to extract the sludge out of the centre of the thickener is then pumped across to a large sludge holding tank where two stirrers keep the silt in suspension. From here, a twin centrifugal pump fills the press and when the filter press is full the system automatically switches from the centrifugal pump to a piston pump which uses significantly less energy than the centrifugal pump and contains no wear parts compared to the centrifugal pump, hence an exceptionally low operational and maintenance cost. When the water has filtered out of the cakes in the press then the pumps will stop and then the press will automatically open and discharge ten cakes at a time.

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