When is a modular washing plant the right choice?

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With a smaller footprint, modular aggregate washing plant has become a popular choice, but what criteria should you use to decide if it is right for you?

Whether you are considering modular or conventional aggregate washing plant, the factors that drive the decision will be as unique to your work as are the materials your process.

Different sites

Modular wash plants are best suited to temporary sites and those where access is a problem.

While few would argue that a full installation is not the ideal, there are many circumstances in which installation of a traditional wash plant and its related infrastructure is simply not possible. Short term and temporary sites, for instance, may demand rapid and on-site aggregates processing.

Indeed, given that the UK has some of the toughest planning regulations in the world, including with the green belt being near sacrosanct there is a significant emphasis on urban and brownfield development. What’s more, social changes including a return to city living have tightened-up sites.

Materials producers can face similar problems, too. Short-term sites may not be able to justify the extensive infrastructure required for a full-scale plant, while sites with smaller land areas or tight access present obvious problems.

TPH throughput versus convenience

Naturally, modular wash plants tend to have a lower TPH throughput than full installations. However, this can be offset by the convenience of having your washing plant set up temporarily on-site.

Having an appropriate plant can help keep operations moving and, therefore, lower total cost of ownership. By keeping it in regular use, a modular plant means that the right tool can be brought to the right job, allowing wet classification, water and sludge treatment, screening and scrubbing and attrition, regardless of site size, topography or other characteristics. 

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