How Tyrone International’s T-Scrub log washers are designed for productivity and operational continuity

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Efficiency comes in many forms when it comes to wash plant. Tons per hour (TPH) throughput and energy efficiency, for example, mean you can process large quantities of materials and do it without breaking the bank in fuel costs. 

At Tyrone International we are proud of our high TPH and energy performance, but these are simply components of our wider vision for plant equipment, a vision centred on lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

A key factor in this is how we design and engineer our plant equipment for ease of operations, meaning processing can easily be monitored. For instance, the T-Scrub range of log washers, which are a key component of full wash plants, features a range of design decisions tested and proven in real world conditions.

Remote, sensor-based monitoring is included, but we have also designed the T-Scrub to allow for rapid on-site inspection. As a result, even while a plant is in operation, operators can open a door and look inside, through a grille-guarded window, to perform a safe visual check. 

Visual inspection
Performing a visual inspection

Going a step further, if maintenance is required, lockable doors mean that it can be performed rapidly without the need to unbolt sections of the plant. The result is a more rapid resumption of work, meaning more uptime and greater TPH.

Fintan McKeever, director of Tyrone International, said that design decisions like this greatly improved on-site operations.

“The Tyrone International T-Scrub range of log washers has been designed with full access from either side. We have inspection doors on each side, so that when the plant is running the operator can safely open a door and have a look inside to see how the plant is performing,”

said Fintan.

Our trademark accessibility was one of several reasons why leading aggregates recycler MJ Teale recently upgraded its operations with the purchase of a complete wash plant from Tyrone International. To find out how we can help you, get in touch.

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