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Thanks to our investment in research and development, Tyrone International can keep your business ahead of competitors at a time when efficiency and agility are key requirements for success.

If it sounds confusing perhaps that is because ‘agile’ entered the language of business via the tech sector, an industry no-one ever accused of being short of jargon. The idea actually comes from a more grounded sector though: first appearing in 1993, it actually traces its roots to the manufacturing sector in the Japan of the 1980s, with ‘lean’ practices eliminating wastefulness and improving efficiency.

Today, talk of agile methodologies – meaning adopting new values, principles, practices far divorced from old-fashioned top-down management – have spread across a broad range of industries and functions, often starting with work groups but now reaching up to senior management level.

But what actually is it? And what can it offer construction, an industry that can never operate on a wing and a prayer?

Understanding agility

In truth, agile has a very simple definition: the ability to implement changes in real time to respond to project and customer needs. True, construction can take no chances, but agile isn’t about flightiness. Rather, it means adapting to circumstances including those outside our control – something all too familiar to anyone who has ever worked on-site.

Simple, yes, but not necessarily easy. Becoming agile means challenging, evolving and even abandoning longstanding practices. And changing mindsets has never been easy, requiring buy-in at every level of the business.

The timing could not be more important, either. Whether it is agility in project management or responsiveness to on-site needs, construction is already being disrupted. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and even before that, old construction certainties have been shattered. Today, with inflation, rising interest rates and fears of recession, the disruption continues.

New technologies, too, have found their way onto sites, from drones, connected remote monitoring and app-based incident reporting, all in the name of dealing with a fast-changing working environment. In this context, adoption of agile, lean business practices, effectively de-risking projects, can drive real value on-site.

De-risk your operations with us

Tyrone International has invested heavily in R&D with the goal of driving a game-changing approach to aggregates operations. From lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to higher tonnes per hour (TPH), our focus is on ensuring that your plant equipment meets your needs, both today and tomorrow. 
To find out more about how our high throughput, digitally-enabled wash plant can deliver for you, call us on 028 9457 1385 or email us at

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