How our control centre gives wash plant operators total vision

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Tyrone International’s game-changing approach to wash plant means you have total oversight and control of your equipment and processes at all times.

At Tyrone International, we have a vision for wash plants that are centred on meeting customer needs by ensuring our equipment is not only durable and reliable, but also intelligent and easy to control. 

As a result of this vision, one of our key design goals was to develop and engineer wash plant that maintains a consistently high throughput and drives a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators. A key aspect of this is our intelligent monitoring ability, said Fintan McKeever, director of Tyrone International.

A central control screen displays all current wash plant operations, allowing the user to quickly get an overview of what is happening at any moment, as well as to drill down into specific areas and tasks.

“Everything is controlled from a central place. From the screen, everything can be controlled on the plant, such as the auto start and auto stop of the plant and we can check the motor currents of all of the pumps so we can make sure everything is running as it should be,”

said Fintan McKeever, director of Tyrone International.

In addition, water flow and pressure can also be monitored, allowing the rapid identification of any issues or problems as well as allowing for adjustments to the plant’s operation.

Built into the screen is a digital alarm, immediately alerting the operator to any problems and their location on the plant. When combined with our  remote access this gives operators a clear digital advantage in understanding plant operations.

“The operator can easily see what the alarm is and then go and rectify things,”

said Fintan.

In addition to controlling operations on site, our wash plants also have full remote access capabilities that allow us to advise the operator on what to do and when to do it.

“We also have what is called a ‘mimic screen’, which can show the screens relating to other areas. This saves the operator from having to walk from, say, the wash plant to the water treatment plant every time he wants to see what’s going on,”

said Fintan.

These kinds of sophisticated technological innovations are designed to add real value to Tyrone International’s plant equipment, trus driving real world improvements for our customers.

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