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Dewatering is a key element of the aggregate washing process. We take a detailed look at how it works.

A water treatment system in an aggregate wash plant is a facility that removes contaminants from wash water and processes it to meet the requirements of the end-user. Key goals include the reclamation and reuse of as much water as possible and to get the solid material into a state where it can can be easily handled.

How dewatering works

The process of treating wash water in an aggregate processing plant typically involves several steps, including:

Pretreatment: This involves removing large debris such as rocks, sand, and gravel from the wash water. This can be done using screens, separators, or sedimentation tanks.

Coagulation and flocculation: In this step, chemicals are added to the water to destabilise and neutralise the contaminants present in it. The chemicals form a sticky substance called floc, which helps to agglomerate the contaminants into larger, more easily removable particles.

Sedimentation: After coagulation and flocculation, the water is allowed to settle in a sedimentation tank. The heavier floc settles to the bottom of the tank, while the cleaner water rises to the top.

Filtration: The clarified water is then filtered to remove any remaining contaminants. This can be done using a range of, depending on the type and size of the contaminants present.

Final filtration: The water is often filtered one final time before it is used or safely released back into the environment. This step is essential and helps to ensure that the water meets all necessary purity standards.

The goal of a water treatment system in an aggregate wash plant is to produce clean, safe, and usable water that meets the needs of the end-user. This may involve removing contaminants and removing minerals from the water.

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