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Intelligent design of each component means our plant has less down time and is quicker to get up and running when stoppages are necessary.

When it comes to engineering our washing plants, Tyrone International has a coherent design strategy that runs through each component. At the top of the list of goals are productivity and accessibility.

Robotic unit on filter press
Beam mounted robot on a Tyrone International filter press

As with our wash plant equipment, our filter presses we offer to dewater the dirty water produced by the wash plant are recognised as the leading press in the industry for the quality of filter cake produced, the speed and reliability of operation and the ease of access for maintenance which minimises down time.

Tyrone International director Fintan McKeever explained that the design and electrical control on the press reduces stoppages to an absolute minimum and keeps offline periods as short as possible.

“What’s unique about the design of this filter press is that it is an overhead beam press, but the overhead beam sits on the outside of the press, which results in unrivalled access,”

Fintan said.

The filter press is a very robust design and offers unparalleled access for maintenance compared to a side beam press. “What’s unique about the design of this filter press is that the overhead beams sit towards the outside of the press, which results in unrivalled access,” said Fintan.

In addition, there are fewer wear parts on the press, such as chains and sprockets, resulting in a longer overall lifespan for the plant.

“It’s very simple to operate and very simple to maintain,”

Fintan said.

Intelligent machines

In addition to being both rugged and accessible, Tyrone International supply the filter press with intelligent machinery and automation in mind. A robot located on top, between the beams, carries out the critical functions with speed and reliability and minimum moving or wear parts.

“The robot is mounted between the two overhead beams. It opens the filter plates, shakes the filter plates and also it is fitted with an automatic wash system, which goes down between each plate and washes it,”

Fintan said.

Operators also have easy access to the entire press, enabling rapid maintenance actions such as changing filter cloths.

Smart designs like this are typical of Tyrone International’s plant equipment, because we understand the importance of total cost of ownership (TCO) and the impact stoppages can have on the bottom line.

“These kinds of engineering decisions make a real difference to our customers’ operations, enabling them to run longer, and increase the tons per hour they process,”

said Fintan.

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Our trademark accessibility was one of several reasons why leading aggregates recycler MJ Teale recently upgraded its operations with the purchase of a complete wash plant from Tyrone International. To find out how we can help you, get in touch.

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