Tyrone International’s comprehensive after care programme means we stay with our customers

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More than just a sales relationship, we see ourselves as partners to our wash plant customers, which is why we stay with you to ensure your targets are met.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke and modular washing solutions configured to meet your specific throughput and site requirements, Tyrone International prides itself not only on our superior engineering but also in going the extra mile to ensure our plant delivers the promised performance levels.

As a result, with Tyrone International, a sale does not end the process, said director Fintan McKeever.

“We want to build comprehensive relationships with our customers, not just sell machinery to them,” said Fintan.

Supporting you

This relationship starts with a comprehensive needs assessment and plant review followed by a collaborative design process that results in bespoke equipment engineered for your specific site, materials and required tons per hour (TPH) throughput

During the installation process, our team will be there with you, ensuring optimum installation. After the installation process ends, we stay with you. Our MultiTrack online monitoring ensures that most issues can be identified remotely and our plant equipment is designed with ease of access in mind for rapid correction without requiring a site visit.

Our team remains accessible to you, too. Just a phone call away, our engineers are also able to visit your site within 24-hours, ensuring maximum uptime and minimum operational disruption. Indeed, all of Tyrone International’s plant equipment is designed with this value proposition in mind: our high-spec plant is cost effective not only by providing a higher throughput, but also by taking design and engineering decisions that save our customers money over time. 

“Our proposition is one of value based in a true understanding of total cost of ownership (TCO), so it is important for us to meet and exceed our customers expectations,” said Fintan.

Meet with us

To find out more about how our game changing approach to engineering wash plant can deliver for you, call us on 028 9457 1385 or email us on info@tyroneinternational.com.

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