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The ultimate proof of Tyrone International’s quality engineering and vision for improved total cost of ownership is in what our customers say about us.

At Tyrone International, we are proud of the work we are doing to deliver game changing aggregates solutions, including making a contribution to the UK’s drive toward net zero and a circular economy by making recycled sources the first choice for aggregates. Key to our vision is plant equipment that, through superior engineering, offers better up-time and rapid accessibility. 

Our customers share that vision and come to us to provide innovative solutions that help them lower total cost of ownership (TCO), improve tons per hour (TPH) throughput and enable you to produce new products for the market.

Here’s what just some of them say:

MJ Teale Ltd.

We’ve been looking to future-proof our business. We’ve been up and down the country seeing various different plants. Working with Tyrone International, between us all we’d just work out the best solution for us. This plant we saw as quite forward thinking; it’s an accessibility thing, really: everything’s easily set out, whereas on other ones, from what we’ve seen, they just look more difficult to maintain.

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Kealshore Ltd.

Our old plant was good for us when we started, but we quickly outgrew it. It had run its life and in the last couple of years we had problems; we just couldn’t keep up with our customers’ needs and it was getting too expensive to maintain it and keep it going. 

Things move along, wash plants evolve and Tyrone came up with a solution. We can get more tonnage through this new plant, nearly twice as much. Our new wash plant does a new product, a new 40 mil, so we now do a 10 mil pipe bedding, a 20 mil pipe bedding and a 40 mil pipe bedding, which is a real feather in Kealshore’s cap.

“I’d recommend Tyrone International to everybody.

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RMS Ltd.

Tyrone took us to a previous installation, which we were impressed with and on the basis of the build quality and their knowledge we subsequently gave them the contract to supply and install a turnkey solution. The whole investment is down to the realisation of the opportunities and a way of dealing with a problem by reducing landfill. 

Additionally, the installation of the water treatment plant and the press is phenomenal. The whole operation would not work efficiently without it; it works effortlessly ensuring the whole system is in harmony. Absolutely first-class service from Tyrone International, a truly knowledgeable team and the back-up is superb. We were very impressed right from the start and all the way through the build and now the plant is running we are even more impressed!

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