The TI difference: driving down total cost of ownership


Tyrone International’s focus on TCO can help you understand the real cost of your operations.

Value in a business can be understood through many measures, but at Tyrone International we believe that the most important metric is total cost of ownership (TCO).

Capital allocation can be daunting but by helping our customers to avoid hidden costs and understand total lifetime costs, Tyone International ensures that investment is not misdirected. Engineering our plant equipment to the highest standards, we focus on ensuring delivery: high tonnes per hour (TPH) throughput, low downtime and easy accessibility are the key design characteristics that we are known for.

Our director Fintan McKeever said that this was because Tyrone International recognised that hidden costs were an ongoing issue for businesses that need to make capital investments.

“It’s important to look at the whole life cost of plant equipment, and buyers should explore potential operational costs before making a purchase,”

said Fintan.

An accounting revolution

Driven largely, though not exclusively, by the information technology sector an accounting revolution has swept through business in recent decades. But is what is good for IT good for every sector? Think of a tech service today and there is a good chance that it now runs on a server somewhere out there on the internet ‘cloud’. 

Indeed, one survey found 61% of tech professionals said they were currently running a cloud application with a single provider, Amazon Web Services. Why would this be the case? After all, it’s not as if tech companies don’t know how to procure and set up servers. One answer is flexibility: moving to a service partner allows businesses to scale up and down their capacity as needed, helping to drive agility. Another is that the cost-basis has been transformed.

While the construction sector is hardly likely to be virtualised, there has been a real push to prove that these principles apply to all kinds of business. Of course, agility is naturally welcome everywhere – replacing stodgy command-and-control with management techniques and technologies that can rapidly respond to changing circumstances is a real business benefit – but the real move is from capital expenditure (capex) to operating expenditure (opex), meaning costs are moved from initial outlay to running costs.

More than just a shift from one ledger column to another, the change is as fundamental to the business as the balance sheet. However, moving to an opex-centric model obscures the importance of capital investment and the efficiencies that can be obtained through it. 

Moreover, equipment with a lower up-front cost will typically result in significantly higher operating costs, wiping out any savings. At Tyrone International, our focus is on delivering real value, not moving costs from one area to another.

Understanding your real costs

Our washing and water treatment plants are designed to maximise production by increasing your tonnes per hour (TPH) output whilst reducing cost of ownership. Central to this is not only meeting your TPH need but minimising downtime. Breakdowns are reduced through the use of high quality, durable components and our focus on accessibility means that when stoppages do occur, they can be rapidly remedied.

In addition, our consultative design process and enhanced after sales service mean that not only is your equipment designed to meet your needs, but that it also continues to do so over its lifetime. Starting with a commitment-free review of your existing plant, we will work with you on a bespoke design that meets the needs of your site, the materials you process and your business.

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Our game-changing solutions have been thoroughly engineered to enhance productivity, minimise downtime, automate processes and lower operating costs while maximising profitability. To find out more about how our high throughput washing and water treatment plants can deliver for you, call us on 028 9457 1385 or email us at

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Our game-changing solutions have been thoroughly engineered to enhance productivity, minimise downtime, automate processes and lower operating costs while maximising profitability.